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Every picture tells a story...

The art of wedding photography is in the timing. The ability to capture those fleeting moments that would otherwise be forgotten. The first glance between bride and groom, a proud father, tearful guests or an excited child. 

Being part of your day...

I find that some of the best photographs we have taken, at Acceber Pictures we want to fit in with YOUR day, we try not to take to many formal or posed images, we don't want to interrupt your day to have you looking for the camera, we want you to enjoy every single moment and leave the memories to us.

Is having a photographer really that important?

It's wise to remember, that after the cake is cut & eaten, the flowers wilted and faded away, when the dress and suit are packed up and neatly stored away - the photographs live on, allowing you to step back in time and relive the emotions time and time again!

Many people chose to save money on photography by asking friends to take photographs on their phone, or relatives to help out, but a lot of the time these people want to celebrate with you and you don't always get the photographs you wanted, by letting us share your day we promise to give you our all to ensure every single moment is recorded.

" For where all love is, the speaking is unnecessary. It is all. It is undying, and it is enough"

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